System Box 98011

Eight Key Points appreciated from installers

System Box 98011, is a universal built-in box, a new brain suitable to the shower world of our production brand.

Did you know that shower has a brain?

This is the body where the pipes are branched and a diverter system drives the water to the exits. The convergence point is built-in in the wall and adjusts the functioning of shower sets, the single shower head (one way) or shower head and hand shower (two ways). For some time Fratelli Frattini has introduced a connection device aimed to simplify the plumber’s work. This is System Box 98011, and is a universal built-in shower box: a new brain suitable to all products belonging to our shower world.

Which are the product’s key points? Let’s discover them together.

1. Functional.
Compared to similar products on the market, System box has the inlet hot-cold water connections onto the bottom and the exit connection on the top, for the shower head connection. Moreover it has two left or right side exits suitable to join the hand shower according to the specific need. It is a compact solution project focused to avoid the use of elbow connections and useless tights.

2. Comfortable.
No more automatic buttons for the diverter, that sometimes due to the low water pressure are rough to use. With System Box the diverter is granted by a ceramic discs cartridge operated by a lever which allows the switch practical and soft.

3. Resistant.
Manufactured with DZR brass, according to the latest standards, it has highest quality levels and is corrosion resistant.

4. Compact.
The size of the built-in box is reduced to the minimum to satisfy the contemporary aesthetical trends.

5. Universal.
System Box 98011 matches with all the series and finishing of F.lli Frattini

6. Adjustable.
It can be installed on wall of bricks or on plasterboard panels. System Box allows a precise fitting and makes easy the positioning of the external components.

7. Tight.
Thanks to a special membrane gasket fitted between the plaster and the final coating it is protected against humidity avoiding dangerous condensation.

8. Easy maintenance.
Every operation of maintenance is easy also after installation.

Eight key points making System Box 98011 loved from plumbers and installers.

Additional Key Point to be added:

Fratelli Frattini is a zero kilometre made in Italy manufacturer. Plastic moulding, brass working, assembling, testing, packing are made in our area and plants on the surrounding of the Lake of Orta.

A great value which protect anyone who chooses our brand.

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