Marble: hero of design of luxury bathroom!

When Greeks spoke about marble they use to say “shining stone”.

Even today its fashionable, bright, shining and solid aspect let us enchanted.

The marble in the F.lli Frattini series

Starting from this evergreen idea of fashion we have enriched our series Vita, Pepe and the classical series Lybra, with the precious handles made of green Malachite, Blue Lapis lazuli, statuary white marble and black marble. Discover on these collections named Vita M Style, Pepe M Style and Lybra M Style.

They will give your bathroom a touch of fashion making it exclusive and matching perfectly with the interior ambiances.

The stones and their meaning

Each stone has a symbolic meaning:

  • Malachite: with infinite nuances from many people is considered a real talisman;
  • Lapis lazuli: it is considered one of the oldest stones in the world, its intensive blue color shall face the anger and rage.
  • Carrara white statuary marble: it is one of the prestigious marble in the world. Its pure white color remind the essence of things and the soul purity.
  • Portoro black marble: it comes from the quarries in the province of La Spezia. Who loves this stone is elegant and mysterious, the golden shining nuances gives energy to those observing them.

Which is your favorite stone?

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